Apple Harvest Extravaganza
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An Apple Harvest Extravaganza

In my area, apple harvest can begin in the summer with apples such as Transparents or Sunrise, but the real bountiful harvest begins in autumn, usually in September and can last into November.  On farms where the farmers harvest for the finest taste, nature dictates harvest-time which can move forward or backward weeks each season.… Continue reading An Apple Harvest Extravaganza


Apple Quince Harvest Crisp

September and October is time for the harvesting of apples.  All kinds of apples populate the produce sections of grocery stores: Gala, MacIntosh, Ambrosia, Jonagold, Fuji ...... the choice can seem endless and what better time than autumn to think of Apple Crisp-ish desserts for your table? While an apple dessert on its own can… Continue reading Apple Quince Harvest Crisp