Mission Statement

There should be a reason why we do anything important in life.  Often we have a feeling that certain actions are important, but can we articulate why?

With our food blog, our desire is to present something familiar, yet also something intrinsically different, hopefully a unique compilation of recipes, nutritional information, food facts, cooking tips and some inspiring quotes that will enrich readers’ days.  With these goals in mind, we present our mission statement:

Fresh, wholesome vegetarian recipes: all our recipes on this blog will promote fresh, healthy eating.  We are both passionate about health and nutrition and want to share that passion with others.  Our hope is to have a small impact in connecting people with where food originates and there is nothing more life-giving than being able to take that journey to the garden to harvest your own fresh fruits and vegetables.  While we’re aware that not everyone has such a wonderful luxury, we do want to encourage people to buy fresh, organic or unsprayed produce, to buy locally whenever you are able, and to make your meals as “gardenish” as possible.

Education :   We are told by the media, health practitioners and our parents, to eat nutritional food, so we remain healthy.  We know good food makes us healthy, but how?  And what constitutes “good” food?  Hopefully we can address these questions by including nutritional information in some of our recipes, outlining the effect a particular ingredient has within our bodies.  Also by highlighting a specific food, we can discover some of it’s surprising capabilities.

Giving:  Whatever benefits we receive from this blog, we want to give some of the rewards unselfishly back to others — whether it’s money, recipes, ideas, encouragement, etc.  We also want to challenge our readers to give as well.  Giving doesn’t have to be focused solely on money; we can give our time, support, prayers and practical help to those around us, anything that can help make another person’s life easier.  Try it and see that by giving selflessly, you will receive as well.  We welcome any stories of your giving adventures!

Painting: Off Mission Point by Guy Rose source Wikiart – Public Domain