The Liebster Award ….. Meet New Food Bloggers

For new food bloggers, it’s a mountain of work first of all to build your website, learn photography skills, create a recipe library and then to connect with viewers.  But like all hard work, the pay-off slowly is realized and one of the awesome benefits of blogging is meeting fellow bloggers; Tiffany from ChooChoo-ca-Chew is one of them.  She just nominated us for the Liebster Award and we’re not only honoured by the nomination, we’re really excited to be introduced to even more bloggers through this award.  On her blog, she introduces her readers to a mix of recipes but many that are Asian-inspired and she even has a Chew on the Road section where she focuses on food in her travels.  Check out her blog and one of her most recent posts of Easy Homemade Noodles.

Journey to the Garden ~ Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is an award that is given to new bloggers having less than 200 followers by fellow bloggers.  It an excellent way to connect with other bloggers, and to support each other by getting our names out in the blogosphere and hopefully increasing traffic for everyone.  You can learn more about it at The Global Aussie.  So without further ado we will give:

Ten random facts about us:

  1. This blog is a collaboration of brains (Charles) and beauty (Cleo).  Ha, ha! Don’t believe it!  It all depends on the day!
  2. Cleo is not a chocolate lover but she will eat it if it’s there.
  3. Charles is the most frugal one of the duo.
  4. Many of the recipes on the blog contain ingredients straight from my garden.
  5. Cleo has eaten an ant (a delicacy from a Mexican friend …. hmmm ……)  But only one …
  6. The one food Cleo WON’T try is chicken feet ….. yes, she would probably try grasshoppers.
  7. Charles is a great lover of kombucha in every flavour.
  8. Charles is 100% vegetarian, Cleo about 90%.
  9. Both of us are minimalists at heart.
  10. We both have dogs (see below).

Australian Shepherd and Springer Spaniel

And now it’s time to answer the questions Tiffany posed to us:

1. What is your favourite type of food?

Actually this questions is easy.  For both of us, it’s Indian cuisine.  We just love it!

2. What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

Hmm ……  I really love lemons so usually that would be my answer but I’m having a trial coming up with eggless lemon recipes.  It’s on my special to-do list.  I also must admit I love working with bread dough, although I am trying to consume much less gluten nowadays.

3.  What’s your favourite recipe?

Oh my, how could I possibly pick one?  My special breakfast oatmeal recipe (to be posted at some point on the blog), I absolutely LOVE!  I have a lemon tart recipe that needs to be re-vamped to be eggless, which is exquisite.  I also have a quinoa salad recipe that is to-die-for.

4. Name your go-to place for grocery shopping.

I have a wonderful little organic store that I frequent which is across the border (for me) in Bellingham, Washington.  It’s called Terra Organic and Natural Foods and it’s lovely.  It supports local farmers and artisans — and I mean really supports them, not just appears to —- and the produce there looks like it has been freshly picked from the garden.  They have a 20% discount on produce each week — you just pick your day, shop then, and voilà! 20% off.  The quality of the food there is really amazing.

5. What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

Well, I’m hoping to start a mini-cleanse, so I’m going to be having lemon juice with water, then 20 minutes later lots of fruit and after, a handful of almonds.  Normally I’d have oatmeal with some berries.  Charles’ breakfast usually consists of — and this will be a guess — oatmeal and sometimes toast and peanut butter …. perhaps some yogurt too??  At least, I think ……

Our questions for our Liebster nominees:

  1.  How did you come up with the name for your blog?
  2. Have you learnt anything already that you wish you’d known from the start?
  3. What one thing about building a blog do you find overwhelming?  Exciting?
  4. What are your goals for the year?  In other words, where do you want to be one year from now?
  5. What is your favourite place, material, set-up, etc. for food staging?
  6. What is your favourite classic novel? (Cleo is a classics aficionado — she just had to ask!)

And, of course, now to introduce our nominees!  I’m so thrilled to be able to find three new bloggers with such wonderful websites, content and photography.  Please check them all out!

Indian Ambrosia

Saima’s specialty is Indian Food, which as you all know from reading above, is our favourite cuisine.  And for those of us who love Indian food and have not a clue how to make it, fortunately Saida comes to our rescue.  She shares time-honoured recipes, but also new creations that are simple, fresh, and delectable.  Try her Cauliflower and Potato Curry, or her Yummy Paneer; you’ll find that making delicious Indian food is much easier than you thought!

Healthy Forkful

What particularly draws me to Maria’s blog is that she’s not only trying to provide healthy, whole food recipes, but she’s trying to educate her readers as well, precisely what we’re trying to do at Journey to the Garden.  However, Maria is not only a food blogger, she’s a chef and a health coach as well!  Don’t miss her “About” page, as she’s a well-travelled food connoisseur and her adventures make for fascinating reading.  Her Healthier Carrot Cake recipe was one that caught my eye immediately as well as her delicious Rainbow Salad & Cleanse Controversy post which enlightens as well as nourishes.  I could list numerous other recipes but it’s best that you click on the links and check it out yourself!

Cooking With Bliss

The name of Cree’s food blog makes me want to investigate it right away.  Don’t we all want to learn how to cook with bliss?  Her focus is on healthy, easily prepared, family-style recipes that are both economical and delicious.  From her Easy Healthy Turkey Bolognese to her admittedly sweet-tooth indulging Homemade Moist Yellow Cake, her blog is certainly not to be missed.  I especially liked the last sentence of her introduction: “I try my best to live my life with a purpose, not taking anything for granted and being appreciative.”  That says it all, doesn’t it?

Once again, thanks to Tiffany at Choo-Choo-ca-Chew for the nomination!  It’s amazing to support and be supported by you all!  Happy food blogging!

7 thoughts on “The Liebster Award ….. Meet New Food Bloggers”

  1. OOO! I love all your nominees! Chicken feet is yummy I promise, come over I’ll cook for you. (or maybe you’ll turn 100% vegetarian before that?)
    It is seriously SOOO MUCH WORK trying to keep a blog up, I never could’ve imagined. There’s so much to learn and do everyday, I feel like I’m always racing with time. That’s why bloggers support bloggers, right? Keep it up and lets trade tips and secrets on what we’ve learned or haven’t learned and grow big and strong together! 😀 😀

    ps. your dogs are so cute

    1. Okay, if you make me chicken feet, I promise I’ll eat them. 😉 My hurdle is not so much eating the feet, but the thought of where they’ve been. Yuck!

      Yes, absolutely, let’s keep in touch! And thanks for the kind words about our dogs. I’ll be sure to tell them. 😉

  2. The beauty and the beast??!! Poor Charles!! lol! Chicken Feet? I will skip. Ant? Again I will pass!!! Gladdens my Indian heart to know you both loveth out food Love the dogs!! I need to get a couple….soon!

    1. Well, perhaps just say we tag team between Beauty and Brains, lol! Not that adventurous, huh? I’d like to know what the most “exotic” thing is that you’ve tried. Indian food is wonderful; perhaps one day I’ll be able to try it in India! Finn and Willow say “hi”, or should I say, “woof!” 😉

      1. As they say here, “Inshallah!” I do so hope you get to try Indian food in India. I will for sure cook one 9 course meal for you! 🙂 Exotic thing? Well I love trying new food and new experiences but the variety of things that walk on legs is kind of limited. I love fish and poultry but could not get a hang of beef and while I do eat some mutton and lamb, pork is again something I cannot see to like. So I like different cuisines but with known ingredients, if you know what I mean! A big hug and “woof” back to Finn and Willow!

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