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Cheese 101 ~ Prima Donna, a Dutch Cheese

Prima Donna …… how can you not immediately be drawn to a cheese with such a name?  What type personality does the name make you think of?  Bold? Vivacious?  A little cheeky?  This cheese is one of my favourites, being similar to a Gouda but with more personality.  With a nutty, almost caramel-like flavour, I can guarantee that it’s absolutely addictive!

Prima Donna Cheese from Journey to the Garden Cheese 101 - a cheese with personality!

The creation of Pima Donna was the inspiration of a Dutch traveller recently returned from Italy.  On his travels, he had visited some of the best cheese-makers and upon his return to the Netherlands, he set about to create a cheese with Italian characteristics, but one that was quintessentially Dutch.  The result was Prima Donna.

Famous all over the world, Prima Donna is not aged according to time, such as many cheeses, but according to flavour.  There are four types created by this method:  fino (mild & sweet), maturo (sweet and savoury), forte (strong and nutty) and leggero (light and savoury). The little white dots throughout, which is a particular characteristic of Prima Donna, are actually crystals that form in the cheese as it ages, being especially prominent in the longer aged varieties. With Prima Donna maturo being similar in texture to Parmesan and Prima Donna fino being similar to Gruyère, this popular cheese is perfect for melting …… smooth, creamy and gooey!


Prima Donna Cheese from Journey to the Garden Cheese 101 - a cheese with personality!

A perfectly delicious cheese that everyone will love.  Why not give it a try?

For recipes, news, awards and other information on this cheese, you can check out the Prima Donna website.

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