Welcome to Journey to the Garden where you’ll find recipes galore, information on nutrition and special highlight posts!  We are two friends who are passionate about food, nutrition, and educating and encouraging others towards healthy food choices.  Green doesn’t necessarily mean bland or boring and while we’ve done our utmost to share recipes which are made from fresh and nutritious ingredients, we’ve incorporated them in various delicious ways.  So, without further ado, let us introduce ourselves!

Cleo:  While I’m a mom and an accounting clerk by trade, food has always been my passion and hours in the kitchen have generated some delicious culinary creations —- grandma’s recipes, recipes from friends, and recipes that have been completely reinvented.  I just need to share!  Voilà Journey To The Garden.

I’m not a strict vegetarian — more like a vegetarian-wannabe — however, the blog is going to be vegetarian-focused with a trend towards lacto-vegetarian, which is Charles’ lifestyle choice.  I hope to be influenced during the ongoing blog creation to finally take the plunge!

Charles:  I’m an active father of three who is passionate about health, exercise, food, and nutrition.  I live a lacto-vegetarian lifestyle with an interest in vegan and raw foods, and I’m always interested in investigating new recipes and food/nutrient choices.

My expertise is business development and marketing, and thus my blog “job” is to develop and publicize the blog in a way that promotes healthy eating. I’m excited to be a driving force behind this venture and to support readers as they make healthier lifestyle choices.


While Cleo creates most of the recipes, Charles employs his razor-sharp business skills to market and provide objective direction on vegetarian/vegan choices for the blog.  He is an excellent cook and has a creative knack for giving recipes a special uniqueness with unexpected ingredient additions.  He will be contributing some recipes here and there, so watch for his special appearances and don’t miss trying his innovative creations!

Once the blog is up and running, we do have plans to post some Vlogs so stay tuned.  While we cook together well, we do have a tendency to tease each other like brother and sister, and our interactions can tend to have an adventurous and somewhat hilarious element to them.  We want to demonstrate our recipes, but a laugh or two along the way can never go amiss ….


Painting: Still Life with Flowers and Fruit by Claude Monet source J. Paul Getty Museum – Public Domain